Denture Stabilization in Flower Mound, TX

If you’re someone who currently wears dentures and often feels that they are not sitting securely in your mouth, you may want to consider looking into denture stabilization. This is a form of dental implants that can improve your quality of life, relieve that uneasy feeling of insecurity and keep your teeth and jaw healthy and happy.

Why Choose Denture Stabilization?

Traditional dentures are one of the most common ways to replace missing teeth. But, did you know that the long term use of dentures can contribute to bone loss and create uncomfortable chewing sores on your gums. Dentures can also make unpleasant sounds while chewing, shift and move at inconvenient times, and make breaking down food in your mouth difficult and less effective.

How Does Denture Stabilization Work?

The denture stabilization process is very similar to getting tooth implants. Implant placement involves a small oral surgery performed by a trained dentist or oral surgeon. A small incision is made in the gums and a metal base is placed directly into your jaw bone. Once your gums heal, your dentures can be placed directly on the metal implants.

Implant supported dentures are a more permanent option and provide the look and function of natural teeth. And denture implants allow your dentures to be the most effective they can be.

The Benefits of Denture Stabilization

There are so many positive changes that can come into your life as a result of denture stabilization. It can help maintain a healthy and strong jaw bone, give you more chewing power, keep sores from plaguing your gums and help protect your other natural teeth from weakening. Denture stabilization can give you natural looking functioning teeth designed for the long term.
At Brite Smiles Dentistry, you can trust our skilled team to help guide you through the denture stabilization process in Flower Mound, TX and help give you the smile that you want and deserve.