If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry treatments in Flower Mound, Texas, Brite Smiles Dentistry provides all manners of cosmetic dentistry for your specific needs. Cosmetic dentistry is different from other treatments like braces or procedures like removing wisdom teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is a popular practice and is a way to help improve the appearance of your smile. We can work with you to develop a treatment plan to bring back the smile that you need to make you feel better about yourself. Let’s go through the treatments that we offer.


Full Mouth Cosmetic Treatment Cosmetic Dentistry Brite Smiles Dentistry in Flower Mound TX

This is only done if there are major issues with the health of the gums and teeth and requires a full restoration of the teeth and gums. Full mouth cosmetic treatment in Flower Mound, Texas consists of dental implants or reconstruction of the entire mouth using bridges and crowns.


Dental Implants

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots made of titanium that are inserted into the bone socket of a missing tooth. As the jawbone begins to heal, it will grow around the root, anchoring it in the jaw. This provides a strong foundation for tooth replacement.



Lumineers are very similar to veneers. Veneers are used to cover discolored or broken teeth to make them appear better. These are usually made of porcelain material. Lumineers are a brand of veneer only offered by certain dentists in Flower Mound, Texas. There can be benefits to Lumineers over porcelain ones; they require less preparation and can be reversible, but they may not hide stained or damaged teeth as well as veneers.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest ways to improve the look of your teeth. And it’s one of the most common cosmetic dentistry processes. The teeth are bleached to bring back a whiter smile. It’s also possible to purchase mold and gels to bleach your teeth at home.


Inlays and Onlays

Also called indirect fillings, they fill decayed or damaged teeth and can be made from gold, composite materials, or porcelain. Dental fillings are usually created in a lab and then put into place by the dentist. An inlay is a filling when the material bonds with the center of a tooth. An onlay is when the filling covers the biting surface or includes one or more points of the tooth. These are usually an alternative to crowns.



A very common process to restore teeth damaged by tooth decay in Flower Mound, Texas. The decayed part of the tooth is cleaned and the opening is filled with an artificial material, which can be gold, ceramic, or a composite.


Crowns and Bridges

An artificial crown is a cap that is placed over the tooth to cover it and improve its appearance. Crowns are available in stainless steel, porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-ceramic all-porcelain, all-resin, and metals like gold or platinum. Bridges are made of two or more crowns on either side of the gap. The three types of bridges include Cantilever bridges, Maryland bonded bridges (also known as a resin-bonded bridge), as well as traditional bridges, which are made of porcelain-fused-to-metal or ceramics.


If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Flower Mound, Texas, you can rest assured that we provide a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry treatments to help brighten your smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.